Search Engines

Meta Search Engines

  • Carrot2
    Open source meta search, clustering, and search visualization engine.
  • DuckDuckGo
    Search service with a clean interface and an emphasis on user privacy.
  • ixquick
    Combines the top results of multiple engines--primarily Gigablast and Yandex.
  • iSEEK
    Clustering and meta search engine by Vantage Research.
  • Yippy
    Meta search and semantic clustering engine by Vivisimo.

Academic Search Engines

  • BASE
    Operated by Bielefeld University Library, BASE provides an index of over 100M documents.
  • Instagrok
    Innovative search service that surfaces key facts, relationships, and quizzes from results.
  • RefSeek
    Web and document search engine for students and researchers. - Also see: Document Search
  • ResearchGate
    Search large volumes of self-published scientific research material.

International Search Engines

  • Baidu
    Leading search engine in China.
  • Yandex
    Russia's most popular search engine for web, news, and media.