Search Tips

Search for an Exact Phrase
You may search for an exact phrase by enclosing your query in quotes (e.g. "chapter 2").

Exclude a Word
To exclude a term from your search results, enter a minus sign before the word (e.g. apollo -greek -god).

Search a Specific Web Site
You may wish to view additional results from a specific Web site. To do this, simply click the "Search this Site" link located next to the initial result.

Force Inclusion of all Words
Common words like "what" or "it" may sometimes be ignored by RefSeek. To force the inclusion of a term in your query, enter a plus sign before the word (e.g. lewis +and clark).

Either/Or Queries
You may search for two or more queries simultaneously without forcing the inclusion of both in the results by entering OR in caps between each query (e.g. high school calculus OR geometry).


Enter a numeric query into the search field to find instant answers to math expressions or a range of unit conversions (e.g. 5 in binary, 10 pints in liters, how many inches in a foot). An overview of supported math functions follows.

Basic Math Operators

Operator Function Example
+ addition 64 + 32
- subtraction 28 - 7
* multiplication 10 * 100
/ division 27 / 3
^ exponentiation (raise to a power of) 10 ^ 2

Advanced Math Operators

Operator Function Example
! factorial 8!
% modulo (finds remainder after division) 82 % 9
sqrt square root sqrt(49)
in calculates value in new base 50 decimal in binary
avg average avg(2,5,9)
min, max minimum, maximum min(2 kg,10 pounds)
abs absolute value 12 - 14
gcd greatest common divisor gcd(100,80)
lcm least common multiple lcm(230,430)
ln logarithm base e ln(15)
log logarithm base 10 log(1024)

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