News Services

Directory of leading domestic and international news services, aggregators, and newspapers.

  • Agence France Press
    Largest French news agency and a leading global news wire. - Language: Arabic, German, French, Spanish
  • Associated Press
    Global news network. Source for thousands of news outlets. - United States
  • BBC News
    Britain's leading news agency providing news, analysis, and insight. - Language: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish
  • Bloomberg
    Global financial data, news, and analytics. - Finance
  • CNN
    Among the world's leaders in news and information delivery.
  • Reuters
    Leading international news organization. Established in London in 1851.

News Aggregators and Readers

  • Google News
    Up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from sources all over the world.
  • Inoreader
    Easy-to-use RSS reader with Android and iOS apps.
  • Memeorandum
    Auto-generated summary of leading U.S. political stories.
  • MSN News
    Breaking news events, trending topics, photos, and videos.
  • Techmeme
    Leading, timely, and well-curated technology news aggregator.
  • Yahoo! News
    Search or browse the latest headlines from around the world.


  • Critical Media Project
    Cultivates critical thinking in subjects of gender, age, race, ethnicity, and disability in news and media.
  • KQED Learn
    Media literacy and critical thinking lessons for middle and high school students.
  • Media Landscapes
    Expert summaries and insightful analyses of the state of media in 54 countries.
  • PolitiFact
    Nonprofit fact-checking site that rates the accuracy of statements on its 'Truth-O-Meter'.
    Presents pro and con arguments to debatable issues in a straightforward and nonpartisan way.
  • Thinkalong
    Engaging lessons that help students practice thinking critically about current topics. - Grades: 6-12


  • Boston Globe
    Most widely-circulated newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts. - Boston, MA
  • Chicago Tribune
    Leading newspaper in the Midwest. - Chicago, IL
  • Houston Chronicle
    Largest daily newspaper in Texas. - Houston, TX | Also see:
  • Los Angeles Times
    Second-largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States. - Los Angeles, CA
  • New York Times
    National newspaper of record. Daily broadsheet. - New York, NY
  • San Francisco Chronicle
    Daily broadsheet published in San Francisco, CA. - San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle Times
    Daily broadsheet published in Seattle, WA. - Seattle, WA
  • USA Today
    Daily broadsheet with easy-to-read synthesis of world news. - National
  • Wall Street Journal
    Leading finance and business news publication. - New York, NY
  • Washington Post
    Considered a newspaper of record in the U.S. Has won dozens of Pulitzer Prizes. - Washington D.C.

International Newspapers

  • Al-Ahram
    Egyptian newspaper controlled by the Egyptian Ministry of Information. - Egypt - Language: English, Arabic
  • Die Zeit
    Highly respected German weekly broadsheet newspaper. - Germany - Language: German
  • El Pais
    Most widely circulated daily newspaper in Spain. - Spain - Language: Spanish
  • Financial Times
    Daily newspaper providing news and insights on global business and economic affairs.
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine
    National German newspaper with wide international circulation. - Germany - Language: German
  • Haaretz
    Israeli newspaper covering daily news, social issues, and politics. - Israel - Language: English, Hebrew
  • Jerusalem Post
    Israeli daily English-language newspaper. Moderate in tone. - Israel - Language: English
  • JoongAng Ilbo
    Conservative daily newspaper published in Seoul. - South Korea - Language: English, Korean
  • Kathimerini
    Greece's most-respected daily newspaper - Greece - Language: English, Greek
  • Korea Times
    Oldest English-language newspaper published in South Korea. - South Korea - Language: English, Korean
  • Le Monde
    Daily evening newspaper. Considered to be France's newspaper of record. - France - Language: French
  • South China Morning Post
    One of the biggest newspapers in China. - China
  • Straits Times
    Most widely read newspaper in Singapore. Authoritative provider of news. - Singapore - Language: English
  • The Guardian
    Berliner format British newspaper. Circulation: 330k. - United Kingdom - Language: English
  • The National Post
    Canadian newspaper with a conservative editorial stance. - Canada
  • The Nikkei
    Leading financial and business news publication in Japan. - Japan - Language: English, Japanese
  • The Times
    Newspaper of record; influential in shaping public opinion. - United Kingdom
  • Times of India
    India's leading newspaper. Published from New Delhi. - India
  • Toronto Star
    Canada's leading newspaper. Published in Ontario. - Canada
  • Yomiuri Shimbun
    Daily broadsheet with the largest circulation in the world. Circulation: 14,000k. - Japan